Hi I’m Phil and I LOVE my Business. I ventured into photography to be creative, professional and have lots of FUN along the way.  Cliché I know, but I get excited when capturing a moment in time and having that image hanging in someone’s home or special album. 

I LOVE working and interacting with people and having the opportunity to capture moments along the way.  It’s an honour to share these moments in their lives, that’s priceless. I do this by capturing natural expressions and candid behaviours that we all exhibit everyday.

When I TAKE photos I am in my element!  I am motivated and excited! 

When you book me, I’ll ensure your day (whether it be a wedding or personal shoot) will be captured professionally through stunning images that last beyond a lifetime. I’m so passionate about the way I conduct myself on a shoot, that I guarantee I’m there for you and that you’re my only priority. I give 110% to every client during their photographic session, ensuring I meet their every needs, and I’ll do the same for you. 

When I’m not working, well should I say not taking photos (as I don’t consider it working) I’m loving my family to bits!  I have 2 gorgeous girls and a beautiful wife!  They are my everything.  When I’m on my own, I love capturing the landscape. Oh…more photos! 

I love where we live, I love the air, the water, the surrounding scenery and the people who share it with me.  Seeing the first light of day, the gift that new life brings, is what excites me everyday.

Funny I know, but I confess that I LOVE all my camera lenses too. They all have a different story to tell.  Different angles, different light, composition and landscapes all add their own elements to the story telling and therefore I am able to create a unique story, a personal JOURNEY… your Journey! 

Currently my DESIRE is to be at the forefront of this ever so changing Industry.  There are many talented photographers out there, being recognized amongst the best, is humbling to say the least.  I’ve never wanted mediocrity, I’m always fighting against it.  My goal is to be recognised at a national level, I’m inspired by the amazing photographers I ADMIRE everyday that push me to be better.

So if you’re looking for me, you will find me in Kiama drinking coffee, taking photos and swimming in our big blue sea. I’m available to sit down, chat and plan your shoot!  

Contact me so I can meet your needs, I’m loving my life and I’d love to capture a piece of yours.

I’m Phil, thanks for reading.